The competition for the Jets starting quarterback job is clearly in the hands of incumbent starter Mark Sanchez after last week’s showing at Jets West camp, so say multiple sources with knowledge of his performance last week who spoke to Metro New York.


Sanchez held his annual “Jets West” camp last week at Mission Viejo High School in California, with both he and Tim Tebow taking part and, according to the source, getting along well.


On the other hand, wide receiver Santonio Holmes, also a participant, told NFL?Network on the heels of the camp that he didn’t think a two QB?system could work in the NFL.


“You have to allow one quarterback to get into the rhythm of a game,” he said. “Knowing the first couple of plays that he’s going to take these reps, it’s getting the feel for coming onto the field with the crowd awaiting you, it’s making the mistakes early in the game to finishing the games at the end.”


Metro New York spoke to a player at the camp who wanted to stay anonymous — not Holmes — who said Sanchez looked great at “Jets West.”


“It wasn’t really close. The way Mark was throwing the ball and performing. He is the clear cut starter,” the source said. “He was throwing the ball well he had a good command of the playbook. Mark really ran things out there and with confidence. He acted and looked like the starter.”

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the private nature of the Jets West camp, said that Sanchez emerged from the camp with his reputation as the team’s starter very much intact. There was no media availability this year as opposed to past years and the players have remained relatively tight-lipped about their workouts.

The quietness of the news cycle is perhaps in part due to the presence of Tebow and the wild speculation that his trade has brought to the team.

“Tim did well and everyone was impressed with him as a player and his physicality, but the way Mark showed his command of things and the way he was throwing, it was clear that he’s our man,” the source said. “But there’s no doubt that Tim looked good [too].”

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