James Franklin Penn State reportedly will tag Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin as Bill O'Brien's replacement with the Lions.

One of the most p restegious coaching openings in the country could be filled this weekend, as several sources have confirmed that Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin will take over in the same capacity in Happy Valley with the Nittany Lions.

Franklin is young, just 41, and an up-and-coming Division I coach after he tallied 24 wins in three seasons with the Commadores. His leadership has netted three bowl appearences for the school and also back-to-back post season wins.


Nothing is written in stone however, as the Vanderbilt athletic director told the Associated Press that Franklin remains the coach at Vanderbilt.

The Pennsylvania native could be a good fit for Penn State after previously leading a team from a great academic school.

Franklin would be replacing Bill O’Brien, who left PSU for the Texans.

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