There was that riveting bowl game in Canada. Then the one named after a pizza chain. And who could forget the three bowl games that were played on reconfigured baseball fields.

The hope was that this season, Rutgers would progress to a legitimate postseason game. Instead, the Scarlet Knights finished an ugly 4-8 in a terrible conference.

They have been stuck in neutral since their 11-2 breakout season in 2006. That season set up top 30 recruiting classes and boasted three first-round picks over the past two seasons, but Greg Schiano’s team has yet to win a Big East title. Six straight losses to end this season dashed any shot it had for a sixth straight bowl game.

“It’s frustrating in the fact that's become what we do here. Sometimes in life, you've got to take a step back maybe to take two steps forward,” said Schiano, who has a 24-45 mark in the Big East. “Hopefully that's what we’re going to do with this setback here.”

Or not. Two separate sources within the program told Metro there will be a significant shakeup to Schiano’s coaching staff this offseason. While Schiano should be safe, athletic director Tim Pernetti is eager to bring in some fresh talent along the sidelines.

“They’re looking to bring in some coaches with perhaps more experience at the college level, or maybe a position coach at the NFL that might be available for a new challenge,” said one source.

Help on the way

The addition of TCU to the Big East should make football somewhat watchable in the future.

Why we like the move:

1 Finally a ranked team: TCU finished third in the BCS and has been a powerhouse out of the Mountain West. Given recent strong recruiting classes, both West Virginia and Pittsburgh should bounce back into the top 25 next year. That will set up a conference still worthy of BCS consideration when the Horned Frogs join in 2012.

2 TV time:?Picking up TCU is just one part of a plan to launch a Big East cable network.

3 Title game:?If the Big East adds Villanova and two more schools, it would allow for a conference championship game, probably played at the New Meadowlands.

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