Sox stay quiet for now

Boston’s stove is more lukewarm than hot.<p />


Boston’s stove is more lukewarm than hot.


Other than last week’s signing of Marco Scutaro to play shortstop, it has been a pretty quiet winter for the Yankees’ divisional rival. Even though Theo Epstein isn’t wheeling and dealing at Brian Cashman’s pace, the Red Sox are by no means laying low.


Yesterday, reports out of Boston surfaced about a possible Mike Lowell trade to the Rangers. Moving Lowell could free up room to pursue Seattle’s third baseman Adrian Beltre.


Another report has the Red Sox sniffing around the Cubs’ Milton?Bradley. If they fill third base by moving Kevin Youkilis there, that could open up a spot at first for ex-Yankee Nick Johnson. Of course, the Red Sox will attempt to retain slugger Jason Bay and probably Roy Halladay.