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The pairing of the greatest NBA coach of his generation and the greatest player is enticing. Getty Images

We’re four months away from NBA free agency and the rumors of LeBron James potentially packing up his bags and moving to San Antonio to join the Spurs remain present.

The Spurs – along with the Lakers and Rockets – are the “Big Three” when it comes to LeBron’s “Decision Part III” this summer.

Since the late 1990s, the Spurs have thrived on stability – keeping key members of their championship teams in place even when said players are past their primes. In order to land LeBron this summer, however, the Spurs would have to make several out-of-character moves. They would absolutely have to get rid of players like Tony Parker, Patty Mills, Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay in order to create enough cap space to sign LeBron.

LeBron will also want to to bring in some of “his guys” to wherever he lands. In other words, the Spurs would have to create even more cap space in order to sign fellow top free agents (think DeMarcus Cousins) and one or two of LeBron’s banana boat boys (Carmelo Anthony will also be available).


Moving so many contracts in such a short amount of time could prove troublesome, even for a cap whiz like RC Buford.

What will not happen is LeBron joining forces with Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio. Leonard wants a max contract this offseason, and if the Spurs were to show LeBron the money and let Leonard simply play out his deal then the current tension between Kawhi and the Spurs would look like a happy marriage compared to what it would be next season.

In the end, there are just too many moving parts for LeBron to end up in San Antonio. Yes, he loves Gregg Popovich. He loves Dejounte Murray. But beyond that there’s not much that makes sense about LeBron heading to South Central Texas.

The Lakers will have more than enough cash to throw at LeBron and a second free agent (likely Paul George). The Rockets are already knocking on Golden State’s door and already have one of LeBron’s banana boat compadres in place in Chris Paul.

Both Los Angeles and Houston are much better fits for LeBron this summer, so don’t expect much San Antonio buzz in the next few months.

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