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You've heard all the talk (or maybe you've tuned it out) from the players during this week's ramp up to the Super Bowl.

And while the impending 60-minute dogfight between the Broncos and Panthers may not have the same sex appeal as games in the recent past, there are a bevy of interesting storylines in this one that will undoubtedly be brought to your attention during Sunday's four-hour broadcast.

Here's a brief primer on the top things to know about before kickoff this weekend as the Super Bowl reaches the half-century mark.

1. Peyton's farewell?


His regular season numbers are astronomical -- 71,940 passing yards, 539 touchdowns and 251 interceptions. His playoff numbers are just average -- Manning is 13-13 in 26 playoff games and has just one Super Bowl ring in 18 years. Back again at age 39, what better way to call it a career and begin awalk to the NFL Hall-of-Fame than with a world championship with the Broncos, just as John Elway did nearly two decades ago? This could be the last time we see a living legend play the game we love.

2. Cam's coronation?

Carolina fans have watched Cam Newton mature over the last three seasons into the NFL's MVP front-runner and he certainly deserves much of the credit for the Panthers' high-octane offense this season. Should he succeed in Sunday's big game and become a Super Bowl champion, Newton will enter the hallowed ground of active NFL quarterbacks -- joining Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Tom Brady and others who have held the Lombardi Trophy.

3. Defensive clash

Both the Broncos and Panthers are killers against the run, allowing the second and third least rushing yards in the NFL this season. Carolina led all teams with an impressive 24 interceptions, while both the Broncos and Panthers created 22 fumbles, tied for the most in football. Look for the turnover battle and battle for possession time to be key Sunday night.

4. Mile-high redemption

Many thought Manning was done when he left the Colts (replaced by Andrew Luck) and joined Elway's retooling Broncos fresh off their Tim Tebow experiment. But Manning recovered from back surgery and led the Broncos to the Super Bowl two seasons ago when they lost to the Seahawks in embarrassing fashion. At age 39, Manning once again is on the precipice of a title. Can he close the deal?

5. Stormin' Norman

He played football at Costal Carolina. Yes, that's a college. And after four big interceptions, shut down cornerback status and some entertaining quotes (seemingly every single week), Josh Norman is one of the key cogs in Super Bowl 50. In the tradition of Macolm Butler and Richard Sherman before him, Norman enters the biggest stage confident.

“This is what we’ve worked for our whole life, since we’ve been birthed into this world,” Norman said. “I think this is what our destiny was to do.”

6. Another Super Bowl scandal?

It's been buried but it's still kind of a big deal. Are allegations that Manning used HGH accurate? Last season it didn't seem to matter whether Deflate-gate was true, it stole the narrative of Super Bowl 49 as well as the entire offseason. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

7. Davis' determination

Panthers' linebacker Thomas Davis broke his arm in the team's NFC title win over the Cardinals. He doesn't care, he's suiting up.

"If there's any way, any chance, any opportunity to play in the Super Bowl," he said, "I'm going to do it."

8. Star-studded halftime

For many people, the 12 minutes in the middle of the Super Bowl are more important than the game. This year's spectacle will star Coldplay and Beyonce along with a fullorchestra. Will it rival past performances from Prince? Bruce Springsteen? Tom Petty? Janet Jackson (and Justin Timberlake)?

9. In the trenches

The Broncos' front seven, led by Von Miller, led the NFL with 52 sacks. Will he be able to get to Newton? The Panthers also have a line to be reckoned with boasting 44 regular season sacks. The battle at the line of scrimmage will be key Sunday.

10. Happy 50th

In 1966 it all began when the Packers beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl I. A lot has changed in 50 years, as the game has transformed into the hightest-ratedtelevision and sporting event on the planet. How ill the golden anniversary measure up to its predecessors?

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