Peyton Manning was certainly pleased with his defense in Sunday's first quarter.Getty Images

Defense was expected to be the star of Super Bowl 50 and during the first 15 minutes it was, with a Von Miller strip-sack leadingtoa Broncos defensive touchdown in Sunday's first quarter.

Right out of the tunnel (after a rousing National Anthem from Lady Gaga) Broncos fans were rewarded with vintage Peyton Manning, as the field general completed three of his first four passes to fuel a field-goal scoring opening drive. Denver was unable to convert on a third and long and settled for a 34-yard Brandon McManus triple to go up 3-0.

In a pair of ensuing possessions the Broncos and Panthers each came up with big third down stops (stopping their opposition a yard shy) leading to a possible big-play on a seemingly complete pass from Cam Newton to JerrichoCotchery. Called incomplete on the field, a Ron Rivera challenge went unoverturned.

Two plays later Miller stripped Newton with a meandering loose ball winding up covered by a Bronco, putting Denver up 10-0 on the defensive touchdown.


With the quarter winding down the Panthers began a respectable march to try and chip away at the Denver lead. Stay tuned.

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