Bill Belichick's sweatshirt color could win you big money this weekend.Getty Images

A wise man once said, "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."That man would probably have a lot of money at stake this weekend.

According to, more than $115 million is expected to be wagered on the big game.

You can bet on who wins Super Bowl XLIX. You can bet on the over/under (the number is 47.5 points) and you can bet on the point spread, which happens to be close to even this year.

But with 100 million people expected to watch the big game this year, perhaps a little zany-ness is required to keep everyone interested.


Here's a look at some of the typical and not so typical bets you should, or shouldn't make while the Patriots and Seahawks battle for a Super Bowl title Sunday night.

Seahawks (+1)

Somehow, the odds have been stacked in the Patriots' favor (though by a slim margin). The Pats have been distracted for two weeks by Deflate-gate antics -- how can they not be. And the Seahawks' defense could be among the best ever. Though injuries on Seattle's defense will be a big factor, if they can stop the Pats' run game and turn them one dimensional they'll give Tom Brady fits.The pick: Legion of Boom.

Over/Under 47.5

How can you not take the under here? The Seahawks allow less than 20 points per game and the Pats aren't far behind. This game could be a battle in the trenches.The pick: Less than 47 points will be scored.

Belichick's hoodie

The obvious choice here is grey. But this wager could be more in the locker room attendant's hands than those of the brilliant head coach. It seems pretty obvious he doesn't care what he wears during a game--so it's a toss up. The odds: Grey -120, Blue even, Red +750.The pick:Grey.

Wilson vs. Gasoline

This is an intriguing prop bet: what will be higher, the national average for regular gas Monday in cents, (it was 203.8 cents Thursday) or Russell Wilson's passing yards. In 18 games this season and postseason, Wilson eclipsed 203 yards just eight of 10 times. Might have to go with the fuel here.The pick: Gasoline

Katy vs. Gisele

A battle between two beautiful ladies. Will halftime performer Katy Perry be mentioned more in the first half than Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady's wife? The over/under for each is 2.The pick: Perry, everyone loves halftime shows.

National anthem

Once again, has a bevy of anthem bets, one of which handicaps Idina Menzel's chances at omitting at least one word from the anthem. But we'll go with the time of the anthem, listed as 2:01. Last year the over/under was 2:25, so clearly Menzel is a fast singer.The pick:Over 2:01

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