Super Matchup

Packers vs. Steelers

Vegas says
... Money line for this matchup is +130
What’s to like:We’ll finally get to see just how great Aaron Rodgers is against the league’s second-best defense.
What’s to hate: Some fans want to see new blood in the Bowl. These two franchises have combined for nine titles.
Key matchup: Rodgers vs. Polamalu: Someone’s going to lose a gamble late in the game.
Reminds us of ... Super Bowl XLII when the Giants’ physical defense upset the high-flying Patriots.
Who we’d take: Packers. Rodgers has thrown for an NFL-record 10 touchdowns in his first three career playoff games.

Strong Matchup

Packers vs. Jets

Vegas says ... +250
What’s to like: Rex Ryan’s defense won’t just be playing one good quarterback like Manning or Brady, it will finally compete against a complete offense with dynamic playmakers on both sides of the ball.
What’s to hate: Everything if you’re a Jets fan. Green Bay’s receivers would run circles around the secondary.
Reminds us of ... Super Bowl XLI when the high-powered Colts beat Rex Grossman and the boring Bears.
Who we’d take: Packers to win big.

So-so Matchup

Bears vs. Jets

Vegas says ... +500
What’s to like: It might be the best collection of linebackers in Super Bowl history.
What’s to hate: A 60-minute battle for field position. Defense and special teams may score the only TDs.
Key matchup: Jay Cutler vs. Rex Ryan: A hot-head vs. a trash-talker. Imagine the fireworks before and during the game.
Reminds us of ... Super Bowl XXXV when one average QB led to the Ravens to a 34-7 rout over another average QB and the Giants.
Who we’d take: Jets by a safety.

Simply Awful Matchup

Bears vs. Steelers

Vegas says
... +275
What’s to like: James Harrison knocking out Cutler.
What’s to hate: Even though the Bears-Jets may be boring, it would still be a close game. This one would be a blowout from the get-go.
Key matchup: Mike Tomlin vs. Omar Epps:?After the game gets out of hand, fans will be left to figure out if these two are one in the same.
Reminds us of ... Super Bowl XL when Ben Roethlisberger won his first Super Bowl over the Seahawks. This is essentially the same Pittsburgh team with a better defense.
Who we’d take: Steelers by three TDs.

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