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Take that, Algeria!

No sports moment in 2010 was more thrilling than Donovan’s World Cup game-winner.

1. ‘Goal! Goal! USA!’

Our sports moment of the year might have been the greatest moment in the history of American soccer. Landon Donovan’s stoppage-time goal against Algeria in the World Cup instantly turned the Americans’ fortunes from an embarrassing first-round exit to their first group victory in 80 years.

The seven-yard strike on an empty net ignited celebrations throughout the world (see YouTube for proof) and inspired one of the greatest calls in recent memory: “Oh, can you believe this? Goal! Goal! USA! Certainly through! Oh, it's incredible! You could not write a script like this!”
It’s true; we couldn't.

2. The new Larsen

Roy Halladay threw a perfect game against the Marlins on May 29, but that barely counts; Florida is basically a Triple-A team. No, the real highlight of Doc’s year came on Oct. 6, when he no-hit the Reds in his first-ever postseason start.

It was the perfect exclamation point to a season dominated by pitching — and should eventually secure Halladay’s ticket to Cooperstown.

3. Not-so-golden goal

Sidney Crosby won the Olympic hockey gold medal for Canada with an overtime score. But the final’s greatest moment came with 24 seconds left in regulation, when American Zach Parise tied it with the U.S. goalie pulled.

Almost immediately, his Wikipedia page was touting him as “a goddamn American hero.”

4. The kickoff

It could have gone down as an all-time blunder. But the Saints’ gutsy onside kick to start the second half of Super Bowl XLIV propelled them to the title.

5. Imperfect game

It was a no-brainer of a ground ball; all Jim Joyce had to do was call the runner “out” and Armando Galarraga would have had a perfect game on June 2.

Inexplicably, Joyce went with “safe.” The park erupted in boos, Twitter nearly exploded with righteous indignation and talk radio lines were jammed.

But out of the mind-boggling stupidity came a ray of good — pitcher and umpire both displayed nothing but class.

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