Tim Tebow. You can't breathe without inhaling some kind of Tebow-esque air these days. The Broncos quarterback is everywhere, from talk radio to ESPN.

Recently, Tebow was voted the Most Popular Athlete in America, according to an ESPN poll. He beat out the Lakers' Kobe Bryant by a full percentage point.

Now, Tebow is being credited with divine intervention. According to a new poll from Poll Position, 43-percent of Americans believe divine intervention is at least partly responsible for Tebow's success. This comes after national radio host Rush Limbaugh (remember him, Eagles fans?) credited the Broncos' overtime victory last week over the Steelers to divine intervention. Obviously, this sparked a national debate.

Poll Position's survey asked Americans two things. First, if they were aware of Tebow's success and second, if they believed that any of Tebow's success could be attributed to divine intervention.


The results might shock you, depending on your demographic.

Seventy-percent of those polled said they knew of Tebow's success, while 43.3-percent of them said they believed divine intervention was at least partially responsible for his success.

Some other interesting tidbits from the survey involve specific demographics. Fifty-two percent of those that believed in Tebow's divine intervention ranged in ages 18-29. What's that mean? Well, young people either read the bible or really like Tebow. We would have thought older people, you know like our parents since they still go to church, would be higher. However, the oldest age group polled (65 and older) came in at just 30.9-percent.

In terms of the races, 59.5-percent of those that believed in Tebow's divine intervention were black and a whopping 81.3-percent were Hispanic. Politically, Republicans (obviously) love Tebow. Fifty-four percent believed it (vs. just 38-percent for Democrats). The genders were pretty even on this one, with 40.6-percent males believing it and 46.4-percent females.

What does all this data mean? Probably nothing ... but there are no actual football games to talk about until Saturday afternoon. Until then, Tebow-mania continues.

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