Tim Tebow spoke on Friday afternoon for the first time since a report surfaced that he might seek a trade if he’s not the Jets’ starting quarterback by season’s end. Tebow made it clear he doesn’t plan to make his Jets stay just a New York minute.

A media firestorm ensued after a report in the Daily News on Thursday cited an unnamed source who claimed that Tebow could want out of New York.


“I think he will express those concerns to the Jets. He will want to move on,” the source was quoted as saying.


But there was never anything definitive in the story, just speculation that Tebow could well be unsettled if he remains the backup on the Jets behind Mark Sanchez.

“I find that pretty funny. It’s about as true as me living in Hoboken, I think. (laughter) I guess it’s just part of what you have to deal with, is rumors and stuff like that, I don’t know,” Tebow said. “All I can say is, I love being here as a Jet, I’m thankful for it and I want to be here for a long time. I guess you just have to put up with stuff like that.”

After an offseason of much speculation, the debut of Tebow and the Wildcat offense was more whimper than bang this past Sunday in a blowout win of the Bills. Tebow was on the field on offense just nine times, eight of which were plays under center in the Wildcat. He handed the ball off three times, all in the first half, and had five carries for just 11 yards.

The direction of the game -- the Jets rolled out to a big early lead -- most likely dictated that the Wildcat would be kept a secret for at least another week. Tebow wouldn’t be surprised to see the offense rolled out even more this Sunday in Pittsburgh.

“Well, we want to be a factor and be able to be effective and execute and be efficient when we’re in there. But I think that also depends on play calling time and how many opportunities they put in [for] the Wildcat,” Tebow said. “We just want to find ways to hold on to the ball, to get first downs, to keep our defense off of the field and if we can do that through the Wildcat, that’d be great.”


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