Well, after the Celtics first game of the season, one thing is for sure: It’s going to be a disaster.

They’re on pace to become the first 0-82 team in league history.

Oh, and Jeff Green? Probably the worst signing since Mark Blount.

The Celtics needed a win against the Heat Tuesday in order to win the NBA Championship, and instead gave up 120 points in the loss. You can thank Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers for this mess.

Alright, alright … we’re done.

The point is that it’s just one of 82 games this year, and the first one at that. This is essentially a new basketball team when you consider how many rotational players didn’t call Boston home last season. It’s going to take time.


The Heat on the other hand are coming off a championship and have essentially the same team – plus that other guy there who can shoot 3-pointers … what’s his name again?

The Celtics lost their first game for a few reasons: Some players looked hesitant on offense, everybody looked a little confused on defense, and the Heat are still the best in the NBA – like it or not.

The good news is that Boston dropped 107 points against a Heat team that was at the top of the league in defense last season. The Celtics struggled last season with scoring, going into droughts that would make you pull out your hair.

We saw firsthand just how deep they are this time around when the last person to join their team, Leandro Barbosa, came off the bench in the fourth quarter to score 16 points and spark a Celtics comeback that ultimately fell short.

But the team isn’t going to look back at the loss any longer. The Celtics have their home opener Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks followed by another game the next night in Washington, D.C.

The hope is that a comeback isn’t needed against these teams that will be fighting just to make the playoffs this season.

And by the time the Celtics and Heat meet again on Jan. 27, there will be no excuses, and no “working out the kinks.” We’ll know who the Celtics are, and we’ll know who the Heat are.

Two teams looking to make the other’s season a disaster.

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