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Big Trouble for Patriots Pass Defense

The best way to measure the Super Bowl potential of a defense is through Defensive Passer Rating – the formula for QBs applied to pass defense. The Patriots took big steps in the off-season to improve their pass defense, but through three games those efforts are failing. Here are the five worst DPR’s in Patriots history. Note the record of the four other teams on the list.


Worst Patriots Defensive Passer Ratings


2012 Patriots (1-2) – 95.13

1972 Patriots (3-11) – 92.2

1989 Patriots (5-11) – 91.6

1995 Patriots (6-10) – 91.4

1990 Patriots (1-15) – 89.9


Fantasy Football Champs


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FFChamps.com Impact Player: Mikel Leshoure, RB, Detroit

After missing his entire rookie campaign in 2011 due to a torn Achilles, Leshoure finally made his NFL debut in Week 3, and showed why Detroit invested in him with a second-round draft pick. He punished Tennessee with 134 total yards from scrimmage. He has major upside as a workhorse in one of the best young offenses in the NFL, and is worth scooping up if still dangling on the waiver wire.