The Hub Crawl 2/4: Beware of Super Bowl eve

Seemingly pointless facts: With Sunday’s Super Bowl on NBC, let’s take a look at how the Patriots have fared on certain networks over the years in the Big Game.

On NBC: 0-1 (fell to Bears in 1986). On CBS: 1-0 (beat Carolina in 2004). On FOX: 2-2 (Beat Rams, beat Eagles, lost to Packers in ’97 and lost to Giants in ’08).

The Giants meanwhile: CBS 1-1, ABC 1-0, FOX 1-0


Nothin, chillin at the Holiday Inn: The Patriots will NOT change hotels tonight as they have in years past the night prior to Super Sunday.


No time for a quickie: Both Giants and Patriots players will be looking to avoid becoming this year’s Eugene Robinson, the former Atlanta Falcons player who was arrested the night before Super Bowl XXXIII for offering an undercover female police officer money in exchange for oral sex.

Just hours prior to the incident, Robinson was awarded the Bart Starr Award for his “high moral character.” True story.

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