The Patriots' beat-down of the Rams in real time:

12:58 p.m. EDT -Pretty pathetic sell job by Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, trying to convince us that the NFL is getting really popular in the UK. Haha, yeah right.

1:02-Something called Pia Toscano sings the national anthem then Katherine Jenkins sings God Save the Queen. Never heard of either of these beauties but I enjoyed it immensely.

1:08-15-yard catch for Steven Jackson on St. Louis’ first play, saying he was wide open doesn’t do it justice.


1:09-3rd and 2, Jackson runs for 3 yards.

1:10-Stop me if you’ve heard this before, Chris Givens (who?) gets behind the Patriots’ secondary on a simple double move and catches a 50-yard touchdown. 7-0 Rams. New England couldn’t stop a Pop Warner team when they throw it, I am at a loss for words already. Safety Tavon Wilson got burned on the play. Only the 2nd Rams TD in the 1st quarter this season.

1:14-No gain for Stevan Ridley on the 1st play, 8-yard screen to Julian Edelman.

1:16-Incomplete to Brandon Lloyd on 3rd down but St. Louis was called for a penalty since the cornerback grabbed Lloyd’s arm.

1:18-3rd and long 1, Tom Brady finds Danny Woodhead for 24 yards.

1:19-Ridley runs for a 9-yard gain.

1:20-19-yard TD pass to Lloyd, his 1st TD catch in 4 games (2nd of the season). Nice play design and easy throw and catch, that’s the way to respond for New England. 7-7, 40th straight game with a passing TD for Brady (3rd behind Drew Brees and Johnny Unitas).

1:23-Great special teams tackle by Marquice Cole, the Rams will start on their own 12.

1:26-Patriots blitzed but Bradford hit Matthew Mulligan for an 18-yard catch.

1:29-Illegal touching by Rams wide receiver Austin Pettis who went out of bounds then came back and was the first to touch it. That’s probably the only way the Patriots will ever get a stop.

1:30-Givens is hobbling back to the locker room, that changes everything. He might be the best wide receiver in the NFL.

1:31-Hey now, New England blitzed and it was actually effective. Spikes pressured Bradford and he was forced to throw it away for an intentional grounding.

1:35-20-yard run for Ridley which equals his longest rush of the season. Next play, 25-yard catch for Rob Gronkowski.

1:36-9-yard catch for Wes Welker, Brady has completed his first 7 passes. Make it 8, Gronk makes a pretty over-the-shoulder grab down to the 1.

1:38-Ridley gets stuffed for a 1-yard loss on 1st and Goal.

Patriots 7, Rams 7 after 1 quarter at Wembley Stadium

1:41-Cortland Finnegan knocks down a pass intended for Gronk in the end zone.

1:41-Draw to Woodhead who got close but clearly tackled before crossing the goal line.

1:42-Patriots go for it on 4th and Goal and it pays off, Shane Vereen gets a 1-yard TD run (his 2nd of the season). 14-7 Patriots.

1:49-6-yard catch by Lance Kendricks for a 3rd down conversion.

1:51-Look at Vince Wilfork, chasing down Daryl Richardson for a 4-yard loss on a screen pass.

1:52-Cole strips Steve Smith for a fumble and it’s recovered by Rob Ninkovich. It’ll be reviewed, close call either way.

1:57-It is ruled not a fumble, Smith didn’t have possession. St. Louis will punt it to New England.

1:59-14-yard run by Vereen, he has looked good the last few weeks with Brandon Bolden out. Maybe he’s not such a bust after all.

2:00-17-yard catch by Gronk on a screen pass, the Rams have no answers for the Patriots’ abundance of weapons at the moment. 6-yard run for Vereen.

2:01-What did I just say? 32-yard catch for Gronk.

2:03-Enough with the draws to Woodhead.

2:04-6-yard TD catch for Gronk who punctuates it with possibly his best spike ever: he imitated the Buckingham Palace guards before spiking it. Well done, how cultural. 21-7 Patriots.

2:11-Don’t know which is better, the awkward Halloween costumes in the crowd or the NFL merchandise that they’ve clearly handed out.

2:12-9-yard catch for Givens (younger brother of David Givens?).

2:15-Holding on Shelley Smith (not the ESPN sideline reporter), a Rams offensive lineman.

2:15-Good pressure by Dont’a Hightower who slammed Bradford down right on his shoulder? Looks like he might have hurt it (which has happened a couple times before in his brief NFL career).

2:19-Wow, he didn’t even miss a play. St. Louis took a timeout so Kellen Clemens didn’t get his moment to shine in front of his English fans.

2:19-7-yard pass to Kendricks, I guess Bradford is OK.

2:21-10-yard catch by Kendricks but the Patriots force 4th down and 5. Rams rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein (who has a monster leg) will attempt a 54-yard field goal.

2:24-Bad snap by St. Louis so New England tackles the holder-punter Johnny Hekker. Bad mistake for the Rams and now a short field for the Patriots.

2:25-15-yard catch for Woodhead.

2:26-2nd pass interference of the game for Bradley Fletcher keeps the Patriots drive alive.

2:28-Poor pass by Brady for Lloyd in the end zone, he knocks it away from the defender to prevent the interception.

2:28-A tipped pass by St. Louis but Welker still reels it in for a 9-yard gain. Brady is already over 200 yards, that conversion rate is treating him well overseas.

2:29-QB sneak for Brady gets a 1st down. Brady faked a spike and looked for a jump ball to Lloyd in the end zone but it went through his hands.

2:30-A pass to Gronk gets tipped for an incompletion.

2:31-Haha 3rd pass interference on Fletcher this half (2nd against Branch) gives New England a 3rd gift 1st down. Ridley gets a 1-yard TD run, 28-7 with 10 seconds left 1st half. 4 drives, 4 red zone trips and 4 TDs by 4 different Patriots.

Halftime-Patriots 28, Rams 7. Great 1st half for New England, now all they have to do is put away this inferior team, something they have struggled to do all season as everybody knows.

2:48-I’m shocked that it’s cold and pouring in London.

2:49-18-yard catch for Michael Hoomanawanui, 2nd catch of the season.

2:50-30-yard run for Ridley, the Rams defense has really made some great adjustments at halftime.

2:51-10-yard catch for Gronk, who is having his best game of the season with Aaron Hernandez out.

2:51-11-yard catch for Welker, the Patriots are tearing apart the Rams defense.

2:52-Goodnight St. Louis, 9-yard TD catch for Lloyd on his 2nd catch of the game (2 TDs). 35-7 Patriots and the rout is on. 50th career game for Brady with at least 3 TD passes. 5 drives for New England, 5 TDs. I like that ratio.

2:55-Nantz’s lame “Lloyd of London” joke falls flat on its face. Simms had no idea what he was talking about.

2:57-Illegal forward pass by Bradford who was over the line of scrimmage before he let that pass go. The wheels are falling off for the Rams (8 penalties) but at least Jeff Fisher’s moustache still looks spectacular.

2:59-Nate Ebner tackles Kendricks before he can make a 1st down, it looks like the rookie is wearing Christian Okoye’s shoulder pads.

3:02-Somehow in this blowout, Nantz and Simms have segwayed into a bizarre story about Bill Belichick taking his kids on a trip to see his long-lost relatives in Croatia. Haha what the hell?

3:04-Cortland Finnegan and Welker get into a little shoving match, Lloyd had a little cheap shot before backing away. Classic.

3:05-16-yard run for Ridley.

3:07-Bon Jovi is here, sitting with Robert Kraft in the owner’s box. Kraft’s lady friend looks pretty bored with the proceedings. Enjoy that cross-Atlantic flight home!

3:08-Career-long 41-yard run for Ridley almost goes the distance.

3:10-Woodhead slipped and fell running his route in the end zone so the 3rd down pass was incomplete. I thought they said the field conditions were great. 26-yard field goal for Stephen Gostkowski, 38-7 Patriots. Rams deserve major props for preventing a New England TD for the 1st time.

3:16-Haha the Rams owner is named Ennus Stanley Kroenke? Not a million dollar name by any means.

3:17-Fisher is playing for keeps, Rams go for it on 4th and 1, Pettis lunges just enough for the 1st down after a short catch.

3:20-Can we get running time for the rest of the game?

3:21-There is Chandler Jones with a long sack of Bradford and an interesting dance.

3:27-Highlights of the Patriots-Rams Super Bowl from 10 years ago. When did we get so old? The Super Bowl (only 98 days away, thanks CBS) is back in New Orleans in February.

3:28-15-yard catch for Brandon Gibson.

3:29-Mayo ripped the ball out of Richardson’s hands after a catch but it rolled out of bounds before Hightower could recover it.

3:30-22-yard catch for Gibson, he’s padding his stats in garbage time.

Patriots 38, Rams 7 after 3 quarters, the fact that St. Louis traveled to London a couple days ahead of New England really seems to have paid dividends.

3:38-Ninkovich sacks Bradford on 4th down. Brady shouldn’t even play in the 4th quarter, get him to Heathrow.

3:40-10-yard catch for Welker.

3:41-Penalty on the Pats negates a 1st down catch by Welker, even worse he limps off with an ankle/knee injury. Please take all the important players out of there.

3:42-16-yard catch for Gronk.

3:43-14-yard run by Ridley.

3:45-Mercy, I feel bad for the Rams. 14-yard TD catch for Gronk, 50th career 300-yard game for Brady. 45-7 Patriots. Hope St. Louis enjoyed their time in the UK, that flight home should be enjoyable.

3:54-For some reason, Bradford is still in there and throwing the ball. He got crushed and threw an interception to Alfonzo Dennard (his 2nd in 2 games).

3:55-Finally, Mallett time. His 1st snaps of the 2012 regular season.

3:58-Haha 3rd and 14 but Vereen gets 17 yards for a 1st down. Jeff Fisher might be on suicide watch.

4:06-Ron Brace shaken up on the play and in case you forgot, he’s somehow still on the Patriots.

4:08-Clemens hits Brian Quick for a 38-yard gain.

4:11-Tavon Wilson with an interception of Clemens in the end zone, he returned it 45 yards before sliding down intentionally.

4:12-Haha great stat from Nantz: in the last 2 games against Fisher’s teams, the Patriots have outscored them 104-7. Can you say domination?

Final-Patriots 45, Rams 7

What a beating, New England really needed that especially going into the bye week. They hadn’t blown somebody out since the Titans in Week 1. This should calm many fears back home, now we can all concentrate on overhyping Hurricane Sandy. Where’s Tim Thomas when you need him? I want a bunker and I wanted it yesterday.