Scott Mullery, center, flanked by father and son.Scott Mullery

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Scott Mullery says he can't and won't replace 'Fireman Ed,' the New York Jets fan who is recognizable around the league. But he says he wants to do his part to keep the chant alive that helped make 'Fireman Ed' so iconic.

Born Ed Anzalone, but known around these parts as 'Fireman Ed,' the super fan returned to his duties of leading the "J-E-T-S!" chant two weeks ago, twice leading a packed MetLife Stadium in the chant prior to the game. But Anzalone has now passed thebatonon to Mullery and a fan known as 'Jetman' to be the next ones to lead the chant.

The two were splashed on the big screens of the stadium for the remainder of the Week 1 win over the Cleveland Browns and the expectation from Mullery is to do the same thing this Sunday when the Jets return home.

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"I don't know exactly how it will work but yes to my knowledge, 'Jetman'and I will be doing the chant this season," Mullery told Metro. "I spoke with Fireman for about an hour before the game;he told me it was time to 'pass the torch'and now will be our time to lead to Jets fans."

Green and white is in his blood he says, almost from as early as he can remember.

He's been a Jets fan since his childhood, growing up just minutes away from Shea Stadium. By day, Mullery drives a roll-off truck, calling himself "a blue collar guy all the way."

Like Anzalone, a retired New York City firefighter, Mullery represents a fanbase that is tough, gritty and not afraid to get dirty. It is also one desperate for something to cheer for and Mullery is no different.

A week before the season opener, team management approached Mullery about leading the chant this year. Last year when the organization was looking for ways to keep the chant alive as Anzalone had stepped away from leading the chant he made legendary, there was a brainstorm for a fan competition where fans would audition and a different one would lead the chant each week.

The idea led to the Jets identifying Mullery and 'Jetman' as two potential leaders of the chant. So two weeks ago, they joined Anzalone in leading the first two chants prior to kickoff, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Now it is theirs to do week-in, week-out.

Mullery wears a Jets greenhardhatand is easily identifiable with an American flag stuck on the side.

"People have been asking me since this started 'Are you the new Fireman Ed?'and I just say 'No.' I agree with Brandon Marshall you cannot duplicate what Fireman Ed has done for the Jets and for the fans," Mullery said.

"We are not trying to take over we're just different. I just look forward to carrying on with his tradition and bringing back a home field advantage back to MetLife stadium. It doesn't need to be said but I am a diehard fan. I was in Shea Stadium watching the Jets when the stadium shook . I was at playoff games in Giants Stadium when the stadium shook . I want to be a part of making MetLife rock."

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