Bethenny Frankel isn’t the woman she was when America was introduced to her on “The Real Housewives of New York” three years ago. Back then, she was 37, single, always cracking wise about her cast-mates’ quirks and working as a chef. Now starring in Season 2 of her own show, Frankel is married with a baby and the kingpin of her SkinnyGirl brand.

Since she became a star and began touring the country giving talks, Frankel has been sought out as a sort of famous best girlfriend that fans will ask about anything.

“Everything from ‘I’m trying to find my way in college and I’m not sure what path I should take’ to ‘I’m single and 30 and my friends are pressuring me, but you’re an inspiration because I feel like I don’t have to do anything on any timeline.’ It’s every range of every women’s question and issue,” Frankel says.

On this season of “Bethenny Ever After,” we can expect to see her struggling to get the right work-life balance and adjusting to her new in-laws.

As for her past with the Real Housewives, we were curious if Frankel thought any of the other ladies in the franchise had the potential to do what she has accomplished.

“I’d rather talk about me than the other Housewives if that’s OK,” she suddenly snipped. “Thank you.”