A Thunder-Celtics NBA Finals matchup would offer plenty of intrigue.

There’s the obvious Kendrick Perkins angle. Then there’s the fact that Kevin Durant could easily have become a Celtic if the lottery had had a different outcome back in 2007.

Prior to Tuesday’s Game 5 in Miami, ESPN writer and analyst Chris Broussard refloated the idea of a Rajon Rondo for Russell Westbrook trade this upcoming summer.

Broussard tweeted last November that Celtics boss Danny Ainge proposed a bizarre Rondo and Jeff Green for Russell Westbrook and Kendrick Perkins trade to Oklahoma City prior to the start of the season.


Both Rondo and Westbrook are having fabulous postseasons for their respective squads. Westbrook is a notably better scorer than Rondo, as he averaged 23.6 points per game this season. Still, Rondo’s 44 point game in Game 2 of the Miami series seemed to have put an infinite end to trade rumors ... that is until last night.

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