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The year in despised jocks

The usual suspects — and some new faces — managed to make jerks of themselves this year.

10 Kevin Garnett: His constant yelling was charming before he won that championship. Now, it’s just annoying. Ask Charlie Villanueva, who tweeted that Garnett called him a “cancer patient.”

9 Chris Pronger: He’s an agitator; whether it’s taking a run at a star or stealing pucks, he’ll look to gain an edge by any means necessary. Love him on your team, though.

8 Floyd Landis: The disgraced Tour de France champ turned himself into cycling’s Jose Canseco, going nuclear with allegations of cheating.

7 Gilbert Arenas: Once considered the NBA’s clown prince, Arenas quickly transitioned to notorious when he pulled a gun on a teammate over an alleged gambling debt.

6 Terrell Owens: Cincinnati took a chance on him — and for 13 weeks, the mercurial receiver kept his mouth shut. Then Owens pinned blame on the Bengals owner and coaching staff. Different city, same T.O.

5 Jerry Jones: The most pompous owner in sports built a $1.3 billion monument to himself in North Texas. He thought the Cowboys would be playing in the Super Bowl, of course. When that didn’t happen, he reverted to pouting on the sideline and partying in Las Vegas.

4 Jay Cutler: Somehow, he has the Bears poised for the No. 2 seed in the NFC. Still, nobody likes him.

3 Ben Roethlisberger: He should be at the casino betting black after beating two sexual assault charges and leading the Steelers into contention.

2 Brett Favre: I retire. I want to play. I need to change my text message plan. No, I retire. No, I’m coming back. Coach, I’m sitting this one out. Wait, my shoulder feels better, I can play. Ouch, concussion. End of story? We can only hope.

1 LeBron James: By dissing his hometown of Cleveland in a nationally televised spectacle, LeBron James — one of the most marketable and beloved figures in sports — solidified his new role as public enemy No. 1. He talked about winning titles. And wanting to play with his friends. Time to grow up, “King.”

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