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<p>Dumped? Lice, lice baby</p><p>The vengeance business has truly gotten out of hand with the introduction of CrabRevenge.com, a website that sells jilted lovers an outlet for their grief — in the form of tiny, parasitic pubic insects. What ever happened to the tried and true methods for getting over a bad relationship — like breaking into her e-mail; or uploading all those naked pictures you took of her onto Facebook; or syphilis? <b>(“Site offers lousy way to seek revenge”, Newser, May 11)</b></p>

How many times must we say it? The most vehe-ment homophobes always have a pool boy on the side (“Anti-gay rights activist resigns after trip with male escort”, CNN, May 12). George Rekers, we applaud you for coming to grips with the fact that you are what you hate.

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