The Patriots have won 15 straight against the Bills, and 20 of the last 22 dating back to 2000.

But the Bills of old won’t be the ones on the field come Sunday.

The 2011 Bills are off to a hot start, with a blowout and a dramatic comeback. Through two weeks, they’re leading the NFL in points per game (39.5) and rushing yards per game (190.0).

Credit for that goes to two rising stars:?RB Fred Jackson and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, out of Harvard.

“There’s really no weak points with [Jackson]; he does everything well,” Bill Belichick said yesterday. “[He] runs hard, breaks tackles, [has] good vision, good balance, catches the ball well, outstanding as a blocker. Exceptional.”

And he’s gotten plenty of help from Fitzpatrick.


“He’s done a good job of managing [the offense] and executing it, and he’s made a lot of good throws,” Belichick said. “He’s an athletic guy. He can escape and run out of some pressures.”

Fitzpatrick, a former Crimson standout, just might be the smartest guy in the league. He reportedly scored a 48 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test (see box, right), finishing in just nine minutes.

Tom Brady is reputed to have scored a 33.

“I’m the Harvard guy everywhere, every day,” Fitzpatrick said yesterday. “But you know what? There are worse things to be called.”

“To me, I take a tremendous amount of pride in going to school there, playing there, graduating from Harvard.”

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