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Things we learned about the Yankees in this series

<p><b>1. </b>And pitching shall lead them</p><p><b>2.</b> Timing still off for A-Rod</p><p><b>3. </b>Up-and-down weekend for the Captain</p><p><b>AND ABOUT THE METS ...</b></p><p><b>1.</b> Road trip still a huge success</p><p><b>2. </b>Let’s not start to worry about the starters</p><p><b>3.</b> Bats go cold</p>

Derek Jeter, whose infield single Friday snapped an 0-for-16 streak, missed Saturday’s game with an injured right heal.

The shortstop, though, went 2-for-4 in his return yesterday, with an infield single to third and a line-drive double to right field. Jeter’s average has dipped every month since hitting .330 in April. He hit just .281 in May and is at .209 this month. Still, the Bombers’ .279 team average leads the majors and Robinson Cano’s .367 is the best in the bigs as well.

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