Tim Tebow, the Renaissance Man.Getty Images

According to reports from Mets insiders like James Wagner who covers the Mets for the New York Times, Tim Tebow — a former Heisman Winning football player who was cut by the Patriots Jets and Eagles — signed for MLB's largest free agent signing bonus of $100,000 Thursday when he inked a minor league deal with the team.

He is also looking to have his cake and eat it too. The Mets reportedly are allowing Tebow to continue to work his "day job" as a college football analyst for SEC Network.

And, the athlete's website (which links to TDAutographs)is selling not only memorabilia from Tebow's storied college career — and less storied NFL one — it is also selling signed autograph baseball bats. He hasn't even taken a professional swing yet.

That was fast.


Is Tebowturning to baseball just for the publicity? Only Tebow can look deep within himself and answer that question. But it certainly looks like he is doing everything he can to capitalize on the exposure baseball is already giving him.

And, perhaps so too are the New York Mets.