Tim Tebow to Jets: What could go wrong?

Reaction to Tim Tebow becoming a Jet hasn't exactly been all rainbows and sunshine.

Tim Tebow is a New York Jet and reaction hasn't exactly been all rainbows and sunshine. Metro takes a look at the move and possible ramifications.

Tebow plays perfect foil

Call scenario No. 1 the Tannenbaum theory.


In the Jets' minds, the plan of general manager Mike Tannenbaum, head coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson would be for Tim Tebow to play a handful of snaps per game from the Wildcat, a few more in short yardage and he and Mark Sanchez skip off the field together holding hands and carrying a Lombardi trophy.


It is, of course, possible that Sanchez and Tebow will coexist perfectly. Tebow certainly won't cause an issue if he doesn't get playing time. But will Sanchez do the same if the dynamic shifts?


Sanchez struggles

We all know that Mark Sanchez doesn't have the strongest mentality.


The Jets offense crumbled around him at the end of last season as Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress staged a revolt and LaDainian Tomlinson openly complained in the media.

The biggest fear the Jets should have is that Sanchez comes out of the game and struggles. He had 18 interceptions last year and he's shown no real inclination to be a smarter decision maker in the pocket over his three seasons.

The fans won't hesitate for a moment to boo Sanchez off the field in favor of the chosen one.

Sanchez is a superstar

The scenario people seem to be ignoring most is that of Sanchez taking the next step in his maturation and becoming a legitimate star quarterback.

Sanchez played just one year at USC?and is only 25 years old. Tim Tebow is actually just nine months younger than Sanchez and had three years as a college starter and another playing part time.

In Eli Manning's third year as a full-time starter he threw 23 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. Next season, the Giants won the Super Bowl.

If Sanchez is playing well, there's no reason to take him off the field for the Wildcat. And then you are paying a lot of money to a backup quarterback.

Opportunity knocks

It was all the way back in 2009 that the Eagles picked up a quarterback named Mike Vick to play a little Wildcat and backup the incumbent Donovan McNabb.

Presumably you know how that turned out. McNabb was traded prior to the following season and Vick took over once presumed starter Kevin Kolb got hurt.

A bigger opportunity may come if Mark Sanchez gets injured. If Tim Tebow steps in, what happens in the same city that gave rise to Wally Pipp?

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