Tom Brady has the cold, just days before Super Bowl XLIX.Getty Images

Tom Brady’s two weeks of preparation for Super Bowl XLIX have not gone as planned. Last week, the Deflate-gate scandal exploded on a national scale and this week, the Patriots’ superstar quarterback is battling a cold.

“I’ve had it for four-to-five days. My kids got sick and my wife’s pretty sick right now,” Brady said to ESPN Wednesday as he wiped his nose with the sleeve of his shirt. “I brought it, unfortunately, to Phoenix, but I’ll be fine. I’ll be good.”

Despite the distractions, Brady said Wednesday that he feels as though he’s just about ready to face Seattle’s tough defense.

“I’ve watched more film than I think I’ve ever watched in my life,” Brady said. “I feel like I know these guys pretty well. I know how they play … They have good players and a great scheme, and they have very good coaching. You can see everything is very well-conditioned with this team, and they have responsibilities and they do a great job and are very disciplined in doing it.”

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