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Tom Coughlin doesn't think about Super Bowl XLII

The Giants coach has more important things on his mind.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin's team hit its high-water mark in Super Bowl XLII, which it pulled a massive upset over the Patriots.

He must think about such a magical win all the time, right?


"I don’t think about it," he told reporters on a conference call today. "I haven’t spent a whole lot of timing thinking about that. It seems like a long time ago. I certainly was very proud of our players and very happy for our team and our franchise and our ownership and I’ll always cherish those memories – there isn’t any a question about that. The New England Patriots were a team that had gone through the regular season undefeated, which is a feat that is very, very, very rare indeed, and they deserve credit for that. That’s the extent of it for me – I’m trying to live in the moment."

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