Here's a glance at the top-10 quarterbacks. The top-10 running backs are here.

Now we're going to talk about the ultra deep wideout spot:

1. Calvin Johnson, Lions: The emergence of Titus Young will help get some triple-teams off Calvin. He's unstoppable regardless.

2. Julio Jones, Falcons: We've talked a ton about the Falcons' change in philosophy. The freakishly talented Jones will be the beneficiary.


3. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals: Even with awful quarterback play, Fitz is a lock for 1200 yards and eight scores. John Skelton at least has a big arm.

4. Andre Johnson, Texans: Tremendously consistent even though health has been an issue.

5. Dez Bryant, Cowboys: Just as talented as Calvin and Julio and Fitz. Dez just needs to put it all together and the "Dez Rules" should help.

6. Hakeem Nicks, Giants: Some people like Victor Cruz better, but Nicks remains the superior talent. The foot injury is a non-issue.

7. Jordy Nelson, Packers: He's absolutely dominated at Packers camp, proving that last year wasn't a fluke.

8. A.J. Green, Bengals: Special talent and a potential target hog.

9. Brandon Lloyd, Patriots: Josh McDaniels' personal favorite toy is ready to rock in the old Randy Moss position.

10. Eric Decker, Broncos: A perfect fit as Peyton Manning dinks and dunks his way through at age 36.

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