The Red Sox and Cubs are going old-school this Saturday.

The Sox announced today the teams will wear replicas of their 1918 uniforms that day. Chicago last played at Fenway Park on Sept. 11, 1918.



The Red Sox home uniform will be a blank button-up with no lettering and
a slight off-white or ivory color. The hat will also have a blank
off-white tint, and the socks will be a three-part white/red/white
composition. The Red Sox used this uniform and hat combination as their
primary home look for most of the 1910s, and did not have any lettering
on the front of their uniform for the bulk of that decade and the
entire 1920s. The team did not wear the familiar blue cap with a red "B"
until the early 1930s.

The Cubs will wear navy blue pinstripes and lettering on a grayish
uniform. On the front left-hand side of the uniform, there will be a
horizontal outline of a "C" enclosing "UBS" in smaller, navy blue
letters. The Cubs will sport a five-part sock with grey, blue, white,
blue and grey color sections. The road hat will have a navy blue bill
and pinstripes (but no "C" or any other lettering on the cap). The Cubs
used this uniform for only one season, as they changed their road
uniforms on an almost-yearly basis during the 1910s.

Uniform images courtesy of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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