It’s going to be a long offseason for fantasy football diehards. The best way to tide us over is to think about the glorious event that will be 2011 drafts. If we had one now, what would it look like?

A look at the projected first round for next season:

The four locks

The old adage that you should never take a quarterback early was thrown out the window by Michael Vick. A sure bet to be back with the Eagles, no player is a bigger difference-maker.

After Vick, the draft will go conventional. Running backs Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson are all early grabs. Perhaps the three most talented backs in the league, they are also goal-line options.

Banking on more

After the first four big boys come off the board, it’s going to get hairy. I’d take Jamaal Charles, who will get even more carries as Thomas Jones gets a year older. Next up is Maurice Jones-Drew, who played all year with a bum knee but still put up huge numbers thanks to a division that can’t defend the run.

Ray Rice should get a boost once Willis McGahee walks in free agency. Then comes the first tier of wideouts. Andre Johnson is as consistently great as it gets and Calvin Johnson gets a huge bump with Matthew?Stafford back with a healthy shoulder.

Can’t miss

This mock first round finishes up with two of 2010’s breakout studs. LeSean McCoy is the best pass-catching back in the league and Darren McFadden isn’t far behind. Both are set for even more touches in 2011. And rounding out the top-12 is the Falcons’ matchup-proof Roddy White.

Just missed

13. Aaron Rodgers: Underrated running ability moves him ahead of Brees, Manning,?Brady.
14. Michael Turner: In touchdown-heavy leagues, few are better.
15. Frank Gore: Hip surgery is a major concern, but his production will likely be worth the risk.