"Dancing with the Stars"

REALITY. Can Jaleel White reclaim his identity post-Urkel? We'll find out in his sequins-and-spandex dance quest for a giant disco ball trophy!

8 p.m., ABC

"Pretty Little Liars"

DRAMA. The revelation of A's identity (finally!) comes, naturally, during a big episode like tonight's season finale. And, naturally for this show, it happens during a lavish party; this one is a masquerade ball.

Season finale, 8 p.m., ABC Family


DRAMA. A musically inclined killer returns, choosing to focus on the latter talent.

9 p.m., Fox

"Styled By June"

REALITY. Stylist to the stars June Ambrose aims to make celebrities look their best. She's got her hands full with tonight's client, actress and tabloid magnet Mischa Barton, who's looking to reinvent her image with the launch of a new handbag line.

Series premiere, 9:30 p.m., VH1



DRAMA. So that's where she gets it — Ivy's domineering mother, played by guest star Bernadette Peters, stops by.

10 p.m., NBC

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