"The Pauly D Project"

REALITY. "Jersey Shore" shenanigans don't stop when the boardwalk T-shirt stands have shuttered for the season. Housemate Pauly D parlays his GTL infamy into a solo spinoff series documenting his life as a DJ, with pals in tow.

Series premiere, 10:30 p.m., MTV

"The Big Bang Theory"

COMEDY. Leonard Nimoy lends his voice to a Spock action figure when Sheldon needs help resolving a "Star Trek"-related moral dilemma.

8 p.m., CBS


COMEDY. Too bad Dean Pelton stole Shirley and Pierce's idea to open a sandwich shop on campus. Now that Subway has set up shop at Greendale, we're going to have that damn "$5 foot-long" jingle stuck in our heads all day long.

8 p.m., NBC

"Mary Mary"

REALITY. The Grammy-winning gospel duo is still around — and has cameras following them around to prove it.

Series premiere, 10 p.m., WEtv

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