"Breaking Pointe"

REALITY. The grueling lead-up to performance day for the dancers in Salt Lake City's Ballet West company is full of the drama of dedicating one’s life to art — but without any "Black Swan"-like breakdowns, in case you were wondering.

Series premiere, 8 p.m., The CW

"Mountain Men"

REALITY. After waking up to a "911" text from your boss at 6 a.m., perhaps the lifestyle of these men, who subsist solely on what they hunt and gather from the land, will be appealing — particularly the "unplugged" aspect of it.

Series premiere, 10 p.m., History Channel

"L.A. Hair"

REALITY. The biggest drama on this show following celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble doesn't actually come from her clients — her customers include Beyonce and Shakira — but the stylists themselves.

Series premiere, 10 p.m., We tv

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