DRAMA. Oh, Emily, how we have missed your vengeful ways. Now tell us Victoria somehow survived the plane crash and Amanda is faking that pregnancy. Please?

Season premiere, Sunday, 9 p.m., ABC


"Made in Jersey"

DRAMA. All the clichés TV has taught you about New Jersey is shellacked onto this legal drama with super-hold Aqua Net, as a spunky gal from the Garden State uses her blue-collar upbringing to outsmart all of those snobby Ivy Leaguers working at her Manhattan law firm.

Series premiere, Friday, 9 p.m., CBS


"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

ANIMATED. The rude, crude, pizza-loving, crime-fighting dudes are back, this time in CG animation with voices by Jason Biggs, Sean Astin, Greg Cipes and Rob Paulsen.

Series premiere, Saturday, 11 a.m., Nickelodeon


"Call the Midwife"

DRAMA. The birthing business in 1950s London was not pleasant (ahem, glass rectal tubes), but this sweet soap about a young midwife who works out of a nursing convent balances the labor pains with plenty of "aww, baby" moments.

Series premiere, Sunday, 8 p.m., PBS


"666 Park Avenue"

DRAMA. Terry O'Quinn plays the devil — or some incarnation of evil — who is a Manhattan real estate tycoon and likes to steal people's souls as part of their rent.

Series premiere, Sunday, 10:01 p.m., ABC