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TV Watch List: Monday, August 1

Tonight's TV highlights: 'Bachelorette' no more?

‘The Bachelorette’

REALITY. Who’s taking bets that perpetual bad decision-maker Ashley Hebert decides to choose neither construction manager J.P., nor winemaker Ben F. for her manufactured happily ever after, but that lout Bentley will somehow return for her final rose?

Season finale, 8 p.m., ABC

‘Moby Dick’

MINI-SERIES. Ethan Hawke stars as Starbuck to William Hurt’s Captain Ahab, solidifying Hawke’s career as a sort of movie CliffsNotes to the classics — including “Great Expectations,” “Hamlet” and “White Fang.”

Premiere, 8 p.m., Encore

‘Bad Girls Club’

REALITY. Because sometimes you just need a reminder that there is way more crazy out there in the world than you could ever possibly manage.

Season premiere, 9 p.m., Oxygen

‘Koran by Heart’

FILM. Muslims memorize the Koran — over 600 pages of it — to take part in the International Holy Koran Competition in Cairo. Meanwhile, some of us have a hard time remembering our gym locker combinations.

9 p.m., HBO

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