‘I Just Want My Pants Back’

DRAMA. Yes, life certainly is tough when you have a hot one-night stand who steals your favorite skinny jeans. The stylized pilot (Doug Liman serves as producer) of this 20-something drama plays like an hour-long “S--- Brooklyn Hipsters Say” video.

Series premiere, 11 p.m., MTV


‘The Union’

DOCUMENTARY. Elton John reconnected with Leon Russell — a legendary session musician who has played alongside everyone from Frank Sinatra to the Rolling Stones — after 38 years and invited Cameron Crowe to film the resulting music magic.

9 p.m., HBO


‘Grey’s Anatomy’

DRAMA. Meredith imagines an alternate life path for herself, as well as her friends and family. Like, “What if Bailey and Cristina had really bad haircuts?” (Trust us. The wig department had a field day on this one.)

9 p.m., ABC



COMEDY. The ISIS team returns a terrorist to Canada. Canada has terrorists?

10 p.m., FX