TV Watch List: Tuesday, Feb. 21

Tonight's TV highlights: Once a thief, always a thief?

‘White Collar’

DRAMA. Once a thief, always a thief? Neal contemplates snagging a valuable piece of baseball history from Yankee Stadium in this episode directed by costar Tim DeKay.

10 p.m., USA


‘Cougar Town’

COMEDY. Jules can’t decide whether to choose Laurie or Ellie as her maid of honor. Couldn’t they just play a game of Penny Can and winner gets the title?

8:30 p.m., ABC


‘It Gets Better’

SPECIAL. The emotional and societal struggles of LBGT youth are chronicled in this special from It Gets Better Project co-creator Dan Savage, who offers messages of hope and support alongside celebrities such as Adam Levine and Margaret Cho.

11 p.m., MTV and Logo


‘The River’

DRAMA. The celebration of finding one of Emmett’s crew members alive is cut short when it’s discovered he’s been cursed. So, hold off on the “Welcome Back!” cake?

9 p.m., ABC



DRAMA. Boyd tries to move in on the Oxy trade — and avoid the business end of that super badass gun Quarles keeps hidden under his sleeve.

10 p.m., FX

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