DRAMA. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens is on the mend after last season’s shootout-filled finale, but the bad guys he meets this year aren’t the kind who are going to be offering him a smile and apple pie like his old foe Mags Bennett. The new threat is dapper and dangerous and comes by way of Detroit, played with steely menace by Neal McDonough.

Season premiere, 10 p.m., FX


REALITY. Modeling agent Paul Fisher envisions overhauling the industry by creating a network of small agencies called, simply, The Network. He’ll visit those small-town partners in search of the next modeling superstar and teach those agencies how to offer services on par with what they’d find in NYC. Of course, in the tradition of other fashion industry-focused reality series, expect lots of snark and fierce, fabulous attitudes when all of those big, beautiful egos collide.

Series premiere, 9 p.m., The CW


DRAMA. Lucy Liu joins this L.A. cop drama, which means the police force may look a little prettier, but it sure doesn’t get any less gritty.

Season premiere, 10 p.m., TNT

‘Ink Master’

REALITY. Rocker Dave Navarro hosts this contest to find the most talented tattoo artist. Hopefully no one gets shaky hands under the pressure.

Series premiere, 10 p.m., Spike TV

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