‘Man Up!’

COMEDY. TV keeps telling us it’s hard to be a man these days. But man, woman or purple space monster, it doesn’t matter — you’ll have a hard time buying this new sitcom, in which three dudes feel like they need to “man up” in our current “emasculated” era. Really, they just come across as whiny idiots. We’ll teach them how to change a flat tire if it gets them to shut up already.

Series premiere, 8:30 p.m., ABC

‘Scream Awards 2011’

SPECIAL. At least a handful of those screams for all things horror, sci-fi and fantasy will be for the final chapter in the “Harry Potter” saga, a nominee in the “Holy Sh!t Scene of the Year” category, among others. More awesomely geek-centric categories include “Most Memorable Mutilation” and, of course, the “Ultimate Scream” award.

9 p.m., Spike

‘Sons of Anarchy’

DRAMA. Isn’t sending a death threat against Tara really just your own death wish? Really — who goes around threatening the SAMCRO family and expects things to go their way?

10 p.m., FX

‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’

REALITY. The sportsmagazine series profiles NBA Hall of Famer and former L.A. Lakers great Jerry West, who struggled with depression for most of his life and career, in the season opener.

Season premiere, 10 p.m., HBO

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