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The Kyrie Irving situation is still very much up in the air. Getty Images

The Celtics and Cavaliers have still not made any headway on completing the Kyrie Irving deal as the Cavs want a revised deal from Boston to make up for the C’s allegedly not being forthright about Isaiah Thomas’ hip injury.




The two sides have until Wednesday at 10 a.m. to complete a deal or they could mutually ask the NBA for an extension.




One thing that does not seem likely is Thomas returning to the Celtics in any way shape or form. Terry Pluto of Cleveland.com described Thomas as irate that Boston traded him and that it would be a “miserable situation” if he has to go back to the Celtics. 



The Cavs will at least ask about the Celtics adding promising draft picks Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum in a revised deal, but it would be highly unlikely that the Celtics would part with either player. In the end, the Celtics having to cough up a second-round pick could be the settlement.


There’s also the possibility that Danny Ainge calls the Cavs’ bluff, or is even bold enough to ask for the Cavs to put Kevin Love on the table if a revision is a must. Ainge has long been enamored with Love, but the only way the C's could make it work now is if they were to trade a monster contract like that of Al Horford's, which we outlined Monday. The two teams are said to be at a standstill regarding the trade, though Cleveland has not even formally made a request for extra players.