While many Red Sox fans were upset by the fact that former general manager Theo Epstein fled Boston for Chicago after last season, most were soon-after able to cope.

That was not the case with Canton, Mass. resident Kathleen Kearney, a 44-year-old woman who was arrested near Epstein's Lakeview, Ill. home Monday for allegedly stalking Epstein.

Kearney told police she was "inviting Mr. Epstein to go to church," according to the Chicago Tribune.

She was arrested at 6 p.m. Monday, two blocks from Epstein's home. She told police that she had been watching Epstein's home.


Epstein has a wife and young son.

The Brookline (Mass.) police department delivered a statement Tuesday regarding Kearney's local records:

Today we received several request regarding the arrest of a woman inChicago for stalking Theo Epstein. This woman, Ms. Kathleen Kearney, wasnever arrested here in Brookline, and she is not in any police reports.

Brookline Police were privately hired as detail officers to watch theBrookline residence of Theo Epstein back in April 2010 and May 2010. Atotal of 18 dates. The officers stayed out side in personal vehicles tokeep an eye on the residence. Actual reasons beyond watching the house arenot a public matter. Most of these details took place during Red Sox Games.

We have no other information on this matter at this time.


Lt. Philip Harrington