MLB Playoffs Schedule, Cubs, Dodgers, Rockies, baseball, start, time
The Cubs are looking to defend their World Series crown. Getty Images

A glance at the 2017 MLB baseball playoffs schedule, with a focus on National League teams - the Cubs, Nationals, Dodgers, Rockies and Diamondbacks. The following is the most likely scenario. The schedule will be updated when the match ups are finalized along with start time for each game.  


Friday, Oct. 6

Game 1: Rockies/Diamondbacks at Dodgers


Game 1: Cubs at Nationals


Saturday, Oct. 7

Game 2: Rockies/Diamondbacks at Dodgers

Game 2: Cubs at Nationals


Monday, Oct. 9

Game 3: Nationals at Cubs

Game 3: Dodgers at Rockies/Diamondbacks


Tuesday, Oct. 10

Game 4: Nationals at Cubs*

Game 4: Dodgers at Rockies/Diamondbacks*


Thursday, Oct. 12

Game 5: Rockies/Diamondbacks at Dodgers*

Game 5: Cubs at Nationals*


With ALDS games also on Friday and potentially Monday, several of these games could appear in the 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. windows.