Venus Williams, Jail, Vehicular Manslaughter

Venus Williams is said to have caused a fatal car accident. 

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Tennis star Venus Williams could be charged with vehicular manslaughter as she is said to have caused a car accident that wound up killing a 78-year-old man.

The accident occurred on June 9 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, according to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

The wife of the victim, who was driving their car at the time of crash, told police that she was “approaching an intersection westbound when Venus’ northbound SUV suddenly darted into the intersection. The other driver says there was no time to stop and she T-boned Venus’ vehicle,” according to TMZ.

The victim, Jerome Barson, suffered severe head trauma and died at the hospital two weeks later.


In the police report obtained by TMZ, police said: “[Williams] is at fault for violating the right of way of [the other driver].”

According to Sammis Law Firm regarding Vehicular Manslaughter in the state of Florida: “Under Florida Statute 782.071, vehicular homicide is an accusation that a driver killed another human being by operating a motor vehicle in a reckless manner likely to cause death or great bodily harm to another. Vehicular homicide is a felony of the second degree punishable by up to 15 years in Florida State Prison. The offense can be enhanced to a first degree felony if it is alleged that the person failed to give information and render aid as required by s. 316.062.

Many vehicular manslaughter cases involve allegations that the drivers was intoxicated.”

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