It’s really hard to type through tears but we’re pulling through for you, dear reader. Budweiser released their new Super Bowl commercial and it’s an emotional rollercoaster that we literally can’t even with right now.

We’re not sure if we’re crying because of how cute the puppy is, or if the whole getting lost thing just rehashed some old memories, or if we just got really scared when that wolf showed up.

Or maybe we’re just having a really hard day?! Okay?

We really loved last year’s commercial and didn’t at all expect for there to be a part two. So maybe it’s the surprise of it all that’s getting us all misty. Whatever it is that made us cry just know that it will make you cry too.


If you don’t then you’re a monster.

Twitter agrees with us:

Take a look at the video, and don't forget to hold someone's hand when you watch, we find that really helps.