President Donald Trump enjoys talking with his hands – oh, and has the maturity level of a freshman at St. Agnes Boys High School – so it’s really no surprise that we’ve come to find out that Trump absolutely loves giving people a passive aggressive middle finger (namely Robert Kraft, Paolo Gentiloni and black people everywhere).

The most recent example of Trump giving someone the middle finger on camera came on a tarmac when Trump was asked about the NFL National Anthem – American flag controversy and his buddy, Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

You can see him flip his hair with his middle finger at the 0:30 mark of the YouTube video.




The Trump apologists would lead you to believe this was an isolated bird flipping incident. Not quite. Here is Trump giving Paolo Gentiloni, the Prime Minister of Italy, the finger.



OK, ok. So the guy likes to rest his enormous head against his left middle digit. So what? No biggie … Uhhhhh, this one might be the most egregious. Here is Trump waving his middle finger around not once, but twice during a meeting regarding Black History Month.

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