If you stayed up late Saturday night for the "game of the year" in college football, you were generously rewarded with a game fitting that billing.

No. 2 Florida State held on to beat No. 5 Notre Dame, 31-27, after an offensive pass interference wiped the game-winning score off the board for the Irish.

But in addition to the Twitter death threats directed at the referee who called the penalty, the biggest story after the game was Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher's supposedly private conversation on the field with his quarterback Jameis Winston.


Of course, Winston has been embroiled in controversy after controversy the last year and a half. The latest this week was the discovery of hundreds of his autograph up for sale online — the same problem Johnny Manziel found himself in last year and Georgia's Todd Gurley is currently under suspension for. Not to mention, Winston is still awaiting an imminent school discipline hearing over the investigated sexual assault he avoided charges on last year.

So after Winston got a little too excited on the field after the win, his coach had to remind him how to act. Granted, he's a 20-year-old kid, but it's not a good look when your coach has to plead with you to act responsibly after a big win.

It't a bit hard to hear the audio, especially at the beginning, but the AP's Tim Reynolds took a crack at transcribing it last night. Here's what Fisher said:

"Now here's what you've got to do. Calm down. Don't give them that over-exuberant look. Act very passive right here and get people back on your side. You understand what I'm telling you? Humble. Humble pie."

Not terrible advice, but something tells me it's not going to work — especially when the whole country hears you've had to be instructed on how to act humbly.

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