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VIDEO: Robot fans cheer on South Korean baseball team

While the phenomenon of "homefield advantage" can be attributed to multiple factors, true fans believe that their support is what makes the difference between playing at home and playing away.

Inevitably, even die-hard fans can't make it to some games, but now the Hanwha Eagles, a baseball team in South Korea has given their supporters the opportunity to attend games vicariously in the form of robots.

The robots, called "fanbots," can chant, cheer and do the wave. They can broadcast messages -- both preprogrammed and from fans' text messages -- on their electronic boards that they hold up. For fans who know how much their faces mean to the players on the field, the fanbots possess the ability to display photos fans upload of themselves, adding a personal touch.

Having a robot cheering section in the stands is part of the Eagles' effort to increase interest in the team, which has "been on a horrible losing streak for years now," the New York Post reported.

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