Was, Courtney Roland, Kidnapped, Drugged, Missing, Reporter
Courtney Roland reporting on Texas AM football. Getty Images

Houston area sports reporter Courtney Roland made national news Monday morning and was trending on Twitter worldwide as she went missing for over 24 hours.


Many believed that the 29-year-old was kidnapped as she had texted her roommate Saturday that she was being followed home by a man in a blue truck. The roommate said that Roland said that the man sped off after Roland got out of her car, but that was the last the roommate heard from Roland.


Roland apparently had her car broken into a few weeks earlier and was on high alert.


Here is a timeline of events.





3 pm: Leaves Team Texas Elite football tryout in an Uber



12:25 am: Texts with roommate about man following her in a blue car

5:30 pm: Texts her mother: “hello the owner of this phone Courtney. I am buying an iPad.”



6:10 am: Roland asks for a cup of water at a Chick-Fil-A

8:15 am: Passerby calls police, saying Roland is underneath an overpass near the Chick-Fil-A

8:30 am: Roland is transferred to the hospital

2:15 pm: Police believe Roland was confused because of a reaction to medications


Here is Roland reporting on Texas A&M football several years back.