It’s not the best time to be Charlie Weis.


Less than five years after a promising start to his tenure as head coach at Notre Dame, the former Patriots assistant is clinging to his job.


The Fighting Irish are 2-3 after winning four of their first five games this year, and are out of the BCS bowl picture. Again.


Pretty much the only highlight was an Oct. 24 Ireland Trophy win over Boston College.


Other than that, BC fans have gotten plenty of ND medocrity to jeer at.

The Irish have lost to bitter rivals in Michigan and USC, and were embarrassed in South Bend by Navy two weeks ago.

So much for the “decided schematic advantage” Weis reportedly promised his players they would have while he’s on the sidelines.

At a school as quick to pull the trigger on coaching changes as Notre Dame, Weis must be finished, right?

Maybe not.

The big reason is money: Weis has some $18 million left on his 10-year, $30 million contract. Judging by the buzz out of Indiana, a cheaper coach would definitely be gone.