What, did, Josh Allen, say, on, Twitter
Josh Allen. Getty Images

It remains to be seen what it will do to his NFL Draft stock on Thursday night but ugly tweets from Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen's past could very well come back to haunt him. Allen, expected to be selected in the top five of the first round of the draft, tweeted the following during his high school years at Firebaugh High in California.

"I don't think you n***as want a troubled son!"

 - June 14, 2012

(huh stay schemin … " N**** trying to get at me." - Feb. 12, 2013


"Bout to show up these N***** at pong. Gonna do for @j_prodigy_5 @AFlyer5 and @J_Sal_Forever_5"

"Why are you so white? If it ain't white, it ain't right!" - June 25, 2013

Allen apologized for the tweets on Wednesday night, telling ESPN's Stephen A. Smith that he was "young and dumb."

Allen received little attention coming out of Firebaugh and went to a junior college where he caught the attention of Wyoming.

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